Objective: Explain Big O

Big O Notation is a way of representing just how long an algorithm takes to execute. It can determine the efficiency of different approaches in solving a problem using sorting and search algorithms. Types of Big O Notation:

O(1): Constant Time Complexity (Best case scenario)


Objective: Optimization Areas

When it comes to performance optimization, we have a few key topics that can make a massive difference to how your games perform.



Let’s use the example in the image above. Looks pretty simple. Using GetComponent to get the Mesh Renderer, get it’s material then its…

Objective: New isn’t always better. Cached returns.

In the previous post, we fixed an issue where Debug was causing some unwanted Garbage Collection. Unfortunately we have some but not nearly as much of the same with some Coroutines running as you can see in the image above. The biggest issue…

Objective: Overview

For the 7th section of the program, we will look into key topics of optimization and look at some specific topics such as the Unity Profiler, Code Optimization and Big O Notation.

The focus of this section is to fine tune how we work and think in Unity, finding where certain coding issues can cause performance problems and how we can find, understand and fix these issues.

Simon Leen


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