Animated Tile Sets in Unity

Objective: Set up an animated Tile Set

The above image is a sprite sheet for an animated waterfall. In order to set this up (Unity 2020 as version setup varies) we need to get the Unity 2D extras from the Unity Github.

As you can see above the Unity version will determine which branch of the project to use. The 2020.3 branch is needed for the projects setup and environment. Once downloaded, import the assets into the project. You can just pull/drag the extracted download into the project window and Unity will do the hard work.

Next slice the sprite object using what we did in the previous post. Once sliced, we need to create an animate tile show below.

Name it appropriately and place it in a folder to keep things clean in the hierarchy. Open the animated tile and tell it how many sprites(Our sprite sheet has 30) or drag the sprite sheet into the drop box shown below.

Next we need to create a palette for the waterfall tiles which we can then drag the waterfall tiles into. Here you can adjust how fast the animation plays. Go to the bottom of the sprites and change the minimum and maximum speeds to suit.

Above is the scene before the animated waterfall and below with the animated waterfall.





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