Coin Distraction (Part 1)

Objective: Set up the coin distraction logic and gameplay.

We previously set up our Player movement using the mouse left-click. We will now use the right-click to instantiate a coin along with an audio clip. This will be used later to alert the guards and move them to the coins position.

We create a public GameObject for the Coin and a public AudioClip to hold the coin sound. We then assign them in the Inspector.

We run a similar if input as we did for the left-click in the move post but instead of setting a destination for the Players movement, we instantiate the Coin and trigger the sound.

We also want to limit the Player to only having 1 coin. For this we create a private bool _hasCoin set to true. Next on the if input is right-click we add an and _hasCoin so that the logic within only runs when the Player has a coin. Finally inside the if Physics.Raycast meaning we have hit something we set _hasCoin to false when instantiating the coin and playing the sound.

In the next post, we will look at sending the guards to the area where the coin is.



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