Enterprise Apps: Education App Part 2

Objective: Setting up Vuforia in Unity

We will be using Vuforia in this project. Before we get started, we will set up an account and download the Vuforia Engine package for Unity.

You can sign up at the following link and then download the package here.

Vuforia is the most commonly used program for working with AR development and allows building for multiple platforms such as Windows, IOS and Android.

Once the package is downloaded, you can drag it into the project and import it. You may receive an update notification as shown in the image below. Select update and wait for the package to finish installing.

We can now use Vuforia to create an ARCamera. We can then remove the Main Camera as it’s no longer required.

If we hit Play, the Console gives us feedback to confirm Vuforia is working.

In the next post, we will set up image targeting and some UI.




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