Enterprise Apps: Education App Part 3

Objective: Image Targeting and UI

To get started you need an image to use as a target. I’ve put some boxes and lines together to give the above image and printed it out.

Create an Image Target and assign the image in the inspector.

To test, I’ve put some shapes together for a UFO and made them child objects of the image target.

Im using a USB webcam to allow moving of the camera while testing. If the test now in Play mode we get the following result.

I rotated the UFO for a side shot with the Camera set in position and the paper moving.

Next let’s try a model of a horse.

Next we rotate the horse to place it sideways on the image target and in scale that the full horse shot is in view.

Now that the Image Targeting and model are working, we can set up the UI. Add an image canvas, set the UI Scale Mode to with screen size and set the reference resolution to 1080p. We then add two buttons, one for next, the other for previous and set them in the bottom corner.




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