Enterprise Apps: Education App Part 5

Objective: Asset Bundles for Unity

Asset Bundles allow you to release smaller versions of your game or app which can later download other aspects such as additional content, DLCs and parts of the project that may only be downloaded by a smaller group of users. Doing this allows the main downloadable application to be a smaller, easier to manage size but allows any amount of flexibility needed for further releases, updates and fixes.

To see Unitys full documentation on Asset Bundles, how they work and get implemented, you can visit Unitys Docs here.

For this project, we will be setting the horse up as a downloadable asset.

To get started we can select the horse and look at the bottom of the inspector. here we can create a new AssetBundle.

Next we create a folder called Editor inside the Assets Folder then create a script called CreateAssetBundles inside the folder.

Now we can right-click on the Assets folder and select Build AssetBundles.

Unity then create an AsseteBundles folder with the assets that were added to that bundle name(only the horse in this case).

From here all that’s left is to upload the asset to AWS S3 or alternative which was already covered in a previous post so I won’t be repeating that in this post.





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