Enterprise Apps: Zoo App Part 4

Objective: Analytics

To get Analytics up and running(Unity 2020). Go to Windows, General, Services and you will get the above. Click on Analytics.

Turn Analytics on and then click on Dashboard for a web browser to open. You will need to log in but then you will be in the Analytics Dashboard.

In newer versions of Unity, you need to import the Analytics Library from the Package Manager .

We can start by adding an Analytics Event Tracker to a button in the app. we will use the Start button in the Main Menu. Select the button and add an Analytics Event Tracker component.

Select UI, and name the Event. I will go with Start. Then create an OnClick event on the Start button and set the function to the AnalyticsEventTracker TriggerEvent(Shown below).

The data may take time to show in the Analytics Dashboard after setup but it will show later on.




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