GameDevHQ Professional Developer Program Part 3: 2.5D Platformer

Objective: Introduction, Set up the project

To get started with the 2.5D Platformer we need to create a project. We will use the 3D template with Unity 2019.

Next we’ll create a simple level starting with some primitive shapes. The platform will be made up of a set of scaled cubes. We will create a prefabs folder and make a base model platform prefab which will make editing multiple platforms easier.

The above will be static platforms. We will create a moving platform on the right of these.

Next we will create an empty object and rename it Envoirnment to store the platforms and keep the hierarchy clean.

We will use a capsule primitive in place of the Player for now. The capsule would normally have a Rigidbody attached and use gravity but since we will be creating our own controller we won’t be attaching the Rigidbody. Because this is a 2.5D game all the platforms and the Player will have an Z-Axis of 0.

Finally for the setup we will create a collectable item using the sphere primitive shape and set is trigger to true. We will add a rigidbody without gravity to these as we will be colliding with them later. We will create a prefab out of it and add a few to the scene.

In the next post we will start on the Player controller.





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Simon Leen


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