GameDevHQ Professional Developer Program Part 2: Cinematography

The Exciting World of 3D Environment & Lighting

This is the start of a new chapter with Unity. In the previous chapter we worked mostly in 2D. We used sprites and basic materials with some light 2D sprite animations for the assets a few sounds to give more oomph to the project.

Now we move on to 3D. We will explore materials in a deeper, more intricate nature and move into more complex lighting, sounds, objects and advanced topics such as 3D motion, light probes, cutscenes, the use of dolly tracks and more using cineamchine and timeline for more advanced animation.

We will also go into more AI for enemies, menu and loading screens, skyboxes, particles aswell as realtime and mixed lighting using realtime global illumination and baked global illumiation.

Example scene
Various light probes within our example scene

In the next post, we will start out by looking at Skyboxes in Unity.



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