Lining up Audio & Visual to Build Cutscenes in Unity : Part 5

Objective: Add Voice-Over-Track to our Timeline and Cutscenes

Following on from our last post, we now need to add the background music and audio dialogue that we will match to our scene and animations later.

To get started create an empty GameObject and rename it Audio. We will use this to hold all our audio and keep the hierarchy clean. Inside this create two more empty objects and rename them VO for Voice-Over and Music for the background music.

Next select both VO and Music and add an AudioSource component to them.

We don’t need to add the audio directly as we will assign and match these up using the Timeline. Go to Timeline and create a new Track Group. We will use this for keeping the Timeline clean (this was also done for the Virtual Cameras after the previous post).

Next add an Audio Track to the group.

We can add the VO object from the hierarchy into the Audio Source and drag the audio clip/file directly from our project folder into the Timeline Audio Track.

Follow the same procedure in adding in the background music. You will notice that the Animation Track, the Cinematic Shots and the Audio Clips do not match up.

In the next post, we will look at polishing the Cutscene to line up and sync the audio with our shots.