Lining up Audio & Visual to Build Cutscenes in Unity : Part 2

Simon Leen
3 min readJul 26, 2021


Objective: Composing all the Virtual Cameras

Following on from the last post, we start with composing the first shot. If anything doesn’t make sense we have done the same procedures and techiques in the previous Timeline and Composing posts.

Start by adding a Virtual Camera (VC from here in) and renaming to match the shot (CM Down Rope Shot). Move the VC into shot position to match the above Previs Element(PE from here in).

Add a second VC to match the PE below. Rename it to match and set up the VC positioning.

Add a third VC for the next PE below. This shot will pan around the case so the shot will be set up partially around the case. The composing shots don’t show the actor Darren as he will be animated later. Right now is just composing the shot cameras and positions.

Set up the forth shot.

VC 5.

VC 6.

VC 7.

VC 8.

VC 9.

VC 10.

VC 11.

VC 12.

VC 13.

VC 14.

Now that all our scene has been composed, in the next post, we will set up for the Cinematic Cuts.